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Fourth Edition

National Beer Championship

The National Beer Championship (NBC) aims to recognize the best beers produced commercially in Spain. The Championship is open to all brewers producing within the Spanish state and meeting the eligibility criteria (see bases).

The NBC Jury is composed by recognized members of the national and international beer community. The Jury conducts blind tastings to determine the winners in each group / category, and a report of each beer tasted is available to participants at the end of the contest.

Each beer is judged according to his loyalty to the style it represents. The styles are divided into five major groups, each consisting of several categories and subcategories. In the event that more than 5 beers of the same category or subcategory are presented, these beers are judged separately in its own category.

In the following link you will find the bases and the registration form:

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NBC 2018 Winners

Grupo I

Jakobsland Brewers, Origen 2017 – Baltic Porter
Edge Brewing, Jolly Roger – Munich Dunkel
♦ Bidassoa Basque Brewery, Kasper – Kellerbier

Grupo IIA

 Nómada Brewing Co., Lum – Wee Heavy
Boga Garagardoa, Amber – Amber Ale
♦ Mala Gissona, Höfn – English Porter

Grupo IIB  (Blonde Ale)

Baobeer, Urrejalei
Cervesa Espiga, Blonde Ale  
♦ Cervezas La Verbena, Blondie 

Grupo IIC (American Pale Ale)

Basqueland Brewing Project, Aupa
Jakobsland Brewers, Dumbstruck Super Citra Ale
♦ Wylie Brewery, Guiri

Grupo IID (American Amber Ale)

Basqueland Brewing Project, Arraun
Cerveses La Pirata, Sansa
♦ Cervesa Sant Jordi, Alè de Drac

Grupo IIE (American IPA)

Cerveses Almogàver, Vicious IPA
Althaia Artesana, IPA
♦ Wylie Brewery, Ukiyo

Grupo IIF (Specialty IPA / Red IPA)

De Bassus, IPA
Marina, Devil’s IPA “gluten free”
♦ Cerveza Belecker, Red Hops

Grupo IIG (Specialty IPA / Black IPA)

Mala Gissona, Baron H
Althaia Artesana, Mascarat  5
♦ Cerveses Espiga, Black IPA

Grupo IIH (Specialty IPA / Session IPA)

Basqueland Brewing Project, Atlantic Ale
Cerveses La Pirata, Primavera
REFU, 10 Minutos 

Grupo IIi (Specialty IPA / NEIPA)

Wylie Brewery, Little Ego
Cervesa del Montseny, Neipa 
GaragArt, Abenaki

Grupo IIJ (Doble IPA)

Basque Oak Brewery, Newton
Nómada Brewing Co., Papaya Rye
Jakobsland Brewers, Fix for the Fits

Grupo IIK (American Strong Ale/American Barley Wine)

La Quince Brewery, Red Thirst
La Quince Brewery, Sweet Dreams
Bidassoa Basque Brewery, Larrun

Grupo IIIA (Irish Extra Stout)

Tibidabo Brewing, Pop Ink 
Cervesa Sant Jordi, Carbonera
Cervesa Guineu, Montserrat

Grupo IIIB (Oatmeal Stout)

EDGE Brewing, Pure Imagination
Jakobsland Brewers, So Damn Joe 
Moska de Girona, Negra

Grupo IIIC (American Porter)

EDGE Brewing, Padrino
Cerveses Almogàver, Drake
Octavo Arte, 1521

Grupo IIID (Imperial Stout)

EDGE Brewing, Pure Decadence
Cerveses La Pirata, Black Block
Redneck Brewery, Brea

Grupo IVA

Espina de Ferro, Sour Power (Mixed-fermentation Sour Beer)
Cervesa del Montseny, Malta Cuvée (Wild Specialty Beer)
Castelló Beer Factory, Sant Rock (Belgian Dubbel)

Grupo IVB (Weissbier)

De Bassus, Weizen
Cervesa Almogàver, Pau & Love
La Quince Brewery, Weizenland

Grupo IVC (Saison)

GaragArt, Thirsty for Sunshine 
Zula Brewing Collective, Mimi Pinson Social Club 
Nómada Brewing Co., Tu Jardín 

Grupo IVD (Berliner Weisse)

Cerveses Popaire, Tarongina
Althaia Artesana, Heliodora
Cerveses Espiga, Berliner Weisse

Grupo VA

Cervesa Almogàver, Akelarre (Specialty Smoked Beer)
Santocristo, 1917 Centenario (Wood Aged Beer)
Cervesa Guineu, Mandanga (Experimental Beer)

Grupo VB (Fruit beer)

Segarreta, Gerds
EDGE Brewing, Raspberry Sour
Nómada Brewing Co., Imperial Raspberry 

Grupo VC (Spice, Herbs and Vegetables)

La Quince Brewery, Vanilla Black Velvet 
Cervesa Guineu, Chocolate Black Velvet
Cervesa del Montseny, Mala Vida Chili 

Grupo VD (Specialty Wood Aged)

Tibidabo Brewing, Imperial Barrel Aged 01
Cerveses La Pirata, Black Block Bourbon
Cervesa del Montseny, Mala Vida Brandy